The concept that robots require social protocols for human interaction is intrinsically linked to the complexities and restrictions of space, both metaphoric and physical. With 7 Billion people on the planet; 'a (humanoid) robot in every home' may be consigned to science fiction and film. However, mobile hybrid robots within industrial, commercial, healthcare, elder care and even domestic spaces have now become a rapidly developing post-android possibility.

Sociorobotics as an emerging commercial research & development platform is therefore; not only concerned with the inevitable aesthetic intricacies of social, cultural & haptic protocols within more knowledgeable user-led design processes of contemporary HRI, but perhaps more importantly with the human spaces that commercially successful, socially equipped robots will be required to inhabit.

From a sociorobotics ethical research perspective, specialised industrial and conceptual robotic technology could successfully negotiate the sophisticated, commercial and ethical crossover into emerging social, cultural, personal and domestic spaces, including health, elder care, work and personal robotics.

Robotic technology requires conceptual social research to succeed - please contact us for further information.