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  • Sociorobotics provides a unique emprical research platform for robotic technologies which seek to enter healthcare, domestic, personal, work and companion spaces.

  • These social spaces require a multi-method approach which accounts for emergent technology, cultural influence, haptic protocols, (Paterson, 2007) personal criteria and ethical consideration, drawing from and entwining, ethnography, Q-Method, (Stephenson, 1954) moving image analysis, (Lorimer, 2010), semi-structured interviews and focus group studies.

  • This multi-methodological approach addresses the more-than-human, (Whatmore, 2002) relational and individually felt phenomena of contemporary and future robotic innovation assemblages.

  • Sociorobotics employs a material semiotic perspective, (Law, 2009, Latour, 2002) used to underpin a comprehensive relational research approach. It also acknowledges a postphenomenological element, (Ihde, 1993), providing a unique contemporary theoretical framework for the successful implementation of commercial, socially and haptically adept, robotic technology, for emerging ethical, Human Geographical spaces, (Thrift, 2005, Cloke, 1998) in contemporary healthcare, workplace and home life.

  • Adherence to the Robotics Retreat (EPSRC) Symposium's - Principles of Robotics

  • Previous example of Interaction Design research carried out at London Zoo in conjunction with Orange, (Meadows, 2008)

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